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Love Jesse and your blog! Keep up the great work! :D

Thanks so much! <3

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I might go see him in august, have you seen him in concert, I'm very confident that he does a good show, but is he really good in person?!

Without being biased, yes, he is a great performer - even with his corny dance moves! Haha!!! I’ve been to several of his concerts and he has always lived up to my expectations. You’ll have a blast, for sure!!!

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Jesse McCartney in black & white ‣‣ 13/30

Have you ever been to one of his concerts? I need help on what time to arrive to his concert

I have, but I can’t tell what time to arrive… Just arrive an hour or half an hour before the show starts. If you got a VIP pass, then you should receive an email with when to arrive and all that info close to the date of the concert.

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Jesse McCartney in black & white ‣‣ 12/30