Throwback Thursday | 2004

Please help out this lovely lady.

Hi friends! My mom’s friend, Kristi, (a lovely woman) was diagnosed with a rare cancer in the tonsil. It would mean so much to her and everyone around her if you could donate anything to her medical fund. Every dollar would be greatly appreciated:

I’m on medical leave and won’t have any income for almost 3 months. Your generous and kind offerings will help me keep my home, put gas in my car so I can make my needed radiation appointments, put nutrition in my tummy so my  body can fight this intruder, and help pay my bills. 

Words cannot express my deepest thanks and gratitude for your help and encouragement, with all of my friends and family encouraging, praying, supporting, and loving, I know I will get through this.

- Kristi

Donate here. Thank you if you do donate or reblog this post. Namaste <3 

- Ashleigh AKA TeamJMac

Gabi and Cooper kissing appreciation (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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So, to that anon who wanted to know if he was actually a good performer, I saw him this week in concert and he is very energetic and genuinely interested in his music. It's great because his energy affects everyone else in the room! He is amazing.

True story!

did you ever win tickets on the radio?

Nope! Never tried to.



Jesse McCartney in black & white ‣‣ 14/30